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95 definitions by poop

Discovered in the early 1800's by Ethipian muff-divers off the coast of the Vaginal Islands, south of Cape Clitoris. The poonafish is a rather foul smelling fish related to the bearded clam. It can only be found in tropical waters and may be infectious.
Arnelda, realizing he was quite famished, walked down to the corner store to fetch himself a poonafish sandwich. He was later diagnosed with ghonnasyphilherpelaids.
by poop December 22, 2004
someone incredibaly lucky at getting away with things
"Wow, I can't believe you made that shot! You're such a cagger!"

"Woah I definitely aced that quiz i didn't study for. I'm such a cagger."
by poop June 03, 2004
Farting on your hand and smelling it
Johnny gave himself a butt puff
by Poop March 07, 2005
aka Dirshbag. One who is clumsy, has speech impediments, and trips off of boat balconies. Hebrew for "horse"
Oh no, Emily! Watch out for the stairs! You soos!
by Poop January 15, 2003
the kind of dew rag made out of one of those spandex book covers for your schoolbooks that cost 75 cents.
check out that foos getto rag.
by poop November 30, 2003
synonmys:gooch chode

skin between ass and balls
whats the thing that hangs down... a grundle

cory likes to show his grundel to men
by poop November 16, 2003
also, that person that refuses to reply, or does so so long after the intial msg that the original sender is totally clueless of what is going on.
AIM007(5:19:11 PM): sup
Aolahole is away at 7:59:46 PM.

AIM007(5:19:11 PM): hey did you see "Anchorman"?
Aolahole (7:59:46 PM): LOl yeah! "I love... lamp."
by poop January 06, 2005