95 definitions by poop

Paul Rogai's butt
Paul sat on his poopy-head and took a poop
by Poop October 14, 2003
the coolest guy ever
Tso is cool.
by poop March 15, 2003
another word for "no"...see lolo
Emily is lo stupid! Emily smart!
by Poop January 15, 2003
The act of ending a relationship by depositing a steaming pile of feces on the back of a sleeping lover after a night of passion followed by a hasty departure.
I left Bertha a Boston Steamer on our fat-filled one night stand.
by Poop November 15, 2003
When a guy fingers a girl both in the vagina and the anus at the same time.
"Hey sweetie let me do chachie to you to night!"
by poop November 02, 2004
Man, I just wish some of these guys wern't 5 years old and sat inside playing video games over and over again. They're the main statistic for obesity in America.
"Oh mah GEE"---Good grief, that's the dumbest thing i've ever heard
by Poop January 27, 2005
1. to poop on, shit on, or fart on
2. to smell absolutely rancid
1. I'm going to crete on the mass-deck.

2. That smells like absolute crete.
by poop December 13, 2003

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