95 definitions by poop

leik, omg! so totally teh l33t0rz!!11!1!!@$!$$%6%77(&%$!!!1!
by poop September 11, 2003
a sigh, except more cutiez.
" NO you can't go to the aLlIsTeR concerrt!"
by poop June 25, 2003
Word used in Online games(Meaning:Pussy Always Beats Noob(newb or w/e)
"Jimmy did you beat him in your game?"
"Nah,I got PAWN'd badly..."
by PooP December 18, 2004
mispelling of "fuck"
ahaha look at all you morons, you think fcuk is a real word
by poop June 10, 2003
a black person that hangs out with white people and has a hight and squeeky voice/laugh. This changes when in the company of black people, which never happens to this particular person.
hes such a freakin blight.
by poop November 30, 2003
Another way to say "cock."
Shaddup, ya fuckin cac!
by poop February 12, 2003
short for "one cool guy" a great ska group, i think some of the members went into streetlight manifesto
bill kozby
by poop March 30, 2004

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