95 definitions by poop

adj.describing vulgarity
Watch that sass Capt. Sassy Pants
by poop April 08, 2005
people who are mentally handicaped, loosbian
Alexis once said freeforthirtyninecents.
Shes a retard.
by poop August 03, 2004
Some really cool guy who runs the DA Boards
Wow, that guy is like... l337.
by Poop September 25, 2003
A Dirty slut.
Kyle is such a dush monkey.
by poop January 24, 2003
1.An overrated sketch show that does not deserve the amount of hype it gets.

2. A show the BBc uses to try and con people into getting digital TV
1. Little britain won the award for best new comedy,but it should have gone to should have gone to The Mighty Boosh

2: Buy a set top box now to see the new series of little britain first!
by poop March 22, 2005
the act of having sex with a chick when she has diarhea
my girlfriend was sick so i went mud bogging
by poop March 02, 2004
leik, omg! so totally teh l33t0rz!!11!1!!@$!$$%6%77(&%$!!!1!
by poop September 11, 2003

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