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the shop where stupid pre-teens, wHo TaLk LyK dIs oN mSn and act like their 14 so they can have their own myspace pages buy all their clothes from. they sell clothes that either fall apart after 3 washes or they go out of fashion after 3 months. the store consists of slutty skirts at size XXXXXS and baggy t-shirts with big fluro sayings on them like, love you longtime, dirty dirty house music or i love the oc. the store is turing the australian teenage and pre-teen female population into clones. when you walk into the store you go deaf because of how loud they play their stupid techno remix shit and their plastic sales assists try and make you buy every piece of fluro clothing in the store. i would gladly be happy to watch every supre store burn down in flames along with every piece of fluro clothing item on this planet.
plastic wannabe: OmG lYk LeTs ToTs gO sPeNd AlL oUr $$ @ sUpRe oN dA kEwLeSt NeW fAsHiOn EsPeCiAlLy AlL dA fLuRo sTuFf (they walk into the store)

normal friend: ahh i've gone deaf from the music and all the fluro shit has blinded me
by poo you May 18, 2008

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