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despite bad choices, one of the best countries in the history of the world!

people bitch and moan about what the bad decisions our shitty presidents have made, and they're right, but it doesn't get much better than the USA. We saved Europe and the entire world from the USSR when Stalin was going nanners, and that's not even mentioning how we saved all them from Hitler. We give tons of money to countries that need relief, we believe in helping the underdog, we believe in freedom and civil liberties/rights, our Constitution is unarguably one of, if not THE best.

Bush sucked, Reagan failed, yeah, yeah, yeah, but if you hate it so fuckin much then leave. It ain't hard. Americans have the right to talk crap about their own country - try that shit in Cuba, they'll fuck you up. Try screwing around in Saudi Arabia and they'll knife your ass. We have flaws - healthcare, crooks, etc. But what country doesn't?

Regardless of its flaws, the USA is probably one of the best nations in the history of the entire world.
USA freaking rocks, saved all of Europe and even our enemies can't avoid our giving.

Bush still fuckin sucks

listen to the pledge of allegiance, it's actually pretty freakin important
by polly1191 January 31, 2010
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