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term which refers to an erection occaisioned while sitting on a bus and being aroused by vibrations from its heavy deisel engine.
bus cocks=The Buzzcocks
by Pollie October 14, 2007
~abominable, scandalous music
~the opposite to an eargasm
~music which causes disgust or hatred
~downwright crap music, poor quality and repetitve sounds
#The Sex Pistols MAY HAVE BEEN SEEN AS a musical abomination to some weirdos
#Crazy Frog , although catchy for some people, certainly is one
by Pollie October 14, 2007
A hoe or roller (depending on the contexts you put it in)
sean: ayee who that girl over there she look good
Alex: oh gina. You don't want that. she a skadat!!
Sean: how you know?
Alex: i know 7 niggas that fucked her this week
by pollie July 04, 2013
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