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A collection of bogans or their artefacts so huge as to be overwhelming.
I walked into the mall, took one look at the assembled hordes and turned on my heel, muttering 'Oh, the boganity!"
by Poll Hereford January 21, 2010
An ugly woman with long frizzy hair
Winsome was the spitting image of a monkey looking out of a bear's arsehole.
by Poll Hereford November 02, 2009
The distinctive smell of the multiplex cinema showing this season's action pic, favoured by adolescent boys. Hot buttered popcorn and farts defying the best efforts of mechnical ventilation.
The lingering memory of Spiderman was the smell of a combined hot-buttered fart from the three previous sessions.
by Poll Hereford November 01, 2009
A small item you need urgently that you can't remember the name of
Hey, hand me that dooverlacky so I can stop this glue going everywhere.
by Poll Hereford October 19, 2009
Complete cluelessness and lack of awareness of one's surroundings.
Those idiots wouldn't know if they had a bus up them
by Poll Hereford November 03, 2009
What farmers in a utility do- no indicators, 25 mph, middle of the road.
Pa Wright gave a display of some of the finest hat driving south of the equator.
by Poll Hereford November 02, 2009
What the larger ladies have inside their underwear.
Rosie O'Donnell was busted at the airport with twenty pounds of crack in her pants.
by Poll Hereford November 02, 2009
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