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1. (noun) A politically astute member of an organization. (master of in-fighting)
2. (noun) A king-maker in secret.
3. (verb) Influence peddling via alcohol in order to progress a secret objective of a public agenda.
4. (verb) Writing the exact wording of a motion to be made at a formal meeting in order to have a proxy endanger their political capital instead of one's own (to be Padered).
I found a Sarab to mentor me in politics. I'm hoping he'll get me elected as President of the student government.

Michael Dickey got Sarabed after that social mixer with the region representatives, when we "confirmed" our votes for Vice President but didn't reelect him.

I'm going to Sarab the motion for Pader and I want you to second it for me after the recess. Trust me, this doesn't violate open meeting laws.
by politicionPader September 18, 2011
(Verb) To be given a written motion to present at a formal meeting that is read verbatim in order to forward a political agenda. However, that motion is self-incriminating or career ruining and was meant to forward a secret objective rather than to make you look like a hero.
Sarab gave me a resolution that would have limited tuition fee increases to predictable rates. But I got padered because when I presented it, everybody accused me of siding with the administration. I think I'll join the military now that my political career is over.
by politicionPader September 18, 2011

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