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Concealing information from someone. Keeping someone uninformed and happy. Keeping management appeased.
Dont tell them anything. Dont allude to anything.

Treat em like a mushroom, feed em a bunch of shit and keep them in the dark.

or just

Treat them like a mushroom.
by Polishsausag September 10, 2007
1. A memo that is in the state of being revised / re-worked, especially for a particularly picky reviewer.

2. An incomplete draft memo.
The memo is still in the process of being revised. This is a draft / incomplete memo.

The document is going through memomorphosis at the moment.

Here is the memomorphosis, a final should be received once the wizard down the hall signs off on it.
by Polishsausag September 10, 2007
Another name for rural swamp folk / swamp redneck characterized by any combination of the following: air boat riding (possibly primary form of transportation), gator wrestling, frog hunting, etc generally in a bayou, swamp, marsh, river, etc. The term comes from the common characteristic of having one or multiple green tooth(s). Dialect differences are generally profound.
National geographic shot a gator special with the aid of a green tooth.

Them green tooth sho do fry up um good fog leg an skeeter salad.

The waterboy lived amongst the green tooth.

Princess and the Frog was full of animated green tooth.
by polishsausag May 05, 2010
A Boss / person in charge / management who sometimes/often makes decisions that seem illogical to the rest of the world. Their decisions often seem magical to subordinates, customers, etc, but often not to other wizards. May be shortened to the wiz, possibly derived from "the wiz kid" or "the wonder kid".
1. My boss wants me to revise version 4 of my memo back to what I had written in version 1.

The wizard down the hall has that project in a vicious cycle of memomorphosis.

2. Management has decreed that absolutely everytime someone enters the building, they have to sign in and out at the front desk, wich is inconvenient for the delivery man.

It takes three times as long to receive deliveries now that the delivery guy has to sign in and out 37 times at the front desk every time he brings in a box... wonder wich wizard though of that.
by Polishsausag September 10, 2007

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