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Formal derivitive of the word bedacles, meaning testicles or balls
"Let me fondle your bedous, Bill"

"Bedous come in twos"
by POL August 12, 2003
Fesces, shit, poo poo, kha-kha
Can also be used as a verb ie I queet, you queet, he she or it queets

Pronounced Kweeet
"I just took a wicked queet!"
"The dog queet all over the place"
"That smells like queet!"
by POL August 12, 2003
who is dat
whodat at da doo'
by pol October 23, 2003
Someone who feels a need to post long-winded definitions of the word furry on the internet. These definitions generally avoid any sort of restricting or mundane structure, frequently sidetrack, cite historical cultures and personal spirituality, include ad hominem attacks on anyone who would dare to consider them strange, misuse the word fandom, and generally avoid defining the word furry.
Joe: What does furry mean?
Furry: Let me get back to you in a week with a personal manifesto.
by POL May 01, 2005

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