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Undeniably one of the sneakiest and scariest ASSassins of the world. Known for being able to PENETRATE the most secure facilities in the world with incredible ease with the sole intention of raping man ass. Butt ninjas have super human abilities allowing them to walk through walls, turn invisible, cling to ceilings, and run faster than light... translation: they will have sex with your butt no matter what.
Bro-1: "I was too afraid to shower at the empty gym last night. I kept thinking I saw a butt ninja out of the corner of my eye."
Bro-2: "That's a lie, a butt ninja would've never gotten spotted by a douche like you. Probably just a normal rapist."
by pokstad January 25, 2008
(verb) When playing a sport that normally requires two balls, such as Beer pong, a ball is lost but the game is kept going. Pronounced quickly and slurred as a single word version of "Lance Armstrong" due to its use during drinking games.
Damn, we lost a ball! Fuck it, we'll lancearmstrong it for now on!
by pokstad October 06, 2007
In networking, the OSI model refers to the seven layers of the network stack. This model is sometimes extended to eight layers in order to incorporate the user. This is often used in jokes meant to insult a user by implying operator error.
User: What's wrong with my Internet connection?
Tech: Looks like a layer eight issue.
User: Is that bad?
Tech: Depends. You didn't pay your bill.
by pokstad September 22, 2008
a very small blog entry
"Not a lot going on today, so I only posted a blogette."
by pokstad October 14, 2007

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