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An atheistic, and therefore ignorant, unbeliever of God and Tupac.

Hates fat hicks, which is a plus, but comes from a Hindu background which in itself is no better.
Joey: Man, I'm so horny. I'm craving an a rat-worshippin' good lookin' man to handle.

Lima: Why don't you have yourself some Lengis?
by pokerjuicer January 03, 2010
A woman's vagina.
Joey: Hey Jim, do you like crotch cake?

Jim: No, the thorns go all over my face every time I eat some.
by pokerjuicer September 24, 2009
Any tool that can be used to destroy a woman's tits (breasts).
Jimmy: Damn dude, have you seen Joe's penis? It's a titbuster.

Allen: I know man. He made a cock sandwich with Joyce's titties and next thing you know her chest exploded.
by pokerjuicer January 16, 2010

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