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The state of being high. Prevalent in cannabis culture. References the tendency of the pothead to prepare for any activity (ie soccer, basketball, poker, watching tv, ultimate frisbee) by first indulging in his/her favorite pasttime.
Dick: Hey Joe, this new jam band has a song with three 10 minute solos. You wanna give them a listen?

Joe: Dude, if I'm gonna listen to that shit we need to get game ready.
by poizon_elff October 16, 2007
Straight males who are intrigued and envious of the metrosexual fashion embraced by their peers.
I knew my boyfriend was a little metrocurious when he agreed to go get highlights and a pedicure with me. At least that's what I hope it is.
by poizon_elff January 09, 2010
The result of a microwaved burrito when the seam bursts at one or both ends, usually producing a hot beany mess.
My microwave fell victim to a burritosplosion, so I had to spend an hour cleaning the beans and cheese out of it.
by poizon_elff February 20, 2010

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