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The sounds that crows in Australia make
by poh-2805 July 10, 2008
A Part of a Verb.
Can exist as
-future tenses
They are verbs in sub-ordinate clauses containing a governing verb.
She says that she will take (Participle) the dog to the vet.
The Governing verb is "to say" the participle is "to take"
by poh-2805 July 10, 2008
Someone who always forgets to open their eye lids.
You wake up, do your daily routine, goto school and someone asks
"Why do you have your eyes closed?"
You reply
"Oh damn, I forgot to open them!"
"What are you an Oculoid? Why don't you just open them now?"
"Are you an idiot? I just told you I forgot to open them you retard!"
by poh-2805 July 10, 2008
A combination of "yeah heaps".
Used Sarcastically to signify one's disbelieve at something
Example one.
Hey thats my Rolls-Royce
"Yeeps thats your Rolls-Royce!"

Example two.
"Hey can you take out the garbage?"
"Oh yeeps im doing the garbage, you do it!"
by poh-2805 July 10, 2008
The belief in the Law of "Specifics"
Basically it is like Murphy's law: If it can go wrong, it will.
Specifically because you want this to happen, the God of specifics will make the complete opposite to happen.
You are waiting for your bus which is never late. Never has been. But this time you left your wallet back at the house, you decide to get it and when you do, you find you have 6 minutes till the bus comes. As you walk back to the bus stop you see your bus leaving. Specifically because the one time you get your wallet and expect the bus to come on time, it doesn't. This is the law of specifics
by poh-2805 July 10, 2008
An invisible creature that lives only on the steps of stairs. They look like cylinders with a smiley face on the top. Everytime someone steps on the face of a collin, they sink into their collin-holes and let out a soft "COLLIN"
They exist on all the steps. They are invisible. They can migrate but only at a pace of 1cm per year. You cannot see Collins
by poh-2805 July 10, 2008

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