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a very great drug. especially psilocybes. most people think they taste like shit, but i like the taste. they can be smoked, but i don't recommend it. the effects are MUCH stronger when you just eat th things. there's many types of mushrooms that make you trip, but aminitas(which are legal) and psilocybes are the most well known. careful with aminitas tho, they contain muscarine, which is poisonous if too much is taken. for some good info visit erowid.org or leda.lycaeum.org
Megan: he has celtic knot eyes(refering to me)

Me: i wish i could see myself cuz everyone else is getting visuals centering around me

(actual conversation)
by poet's dream January 16, 2004
OTC drug that'll make you trip. it's more of a deleriant than a hallucinogen, you can't tell the difference between what's real and what's not. and it's hard to tell yourself that it's just the drug making you see things. not recommended for everyone.

go to erowid.org for more info
i took dramamine last week and was almost completely insane
by poet's dream January 16, 2004

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