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A show in wich:
Gohan gets gets captured by by his uncle and Goku's brother Raditz Goku and Piccolo then team up to save him it seems that raditz is mot a foe to be reckoned with with only one last resort it leads to more than one death as piccolo launches his ultimate attack at raditz though failed the first time goku helled steady the dastardly saiya-jin and piicolo had no choice but to kill them both wich was not a hard decision for him to make since he had wanted to annihilate goku for a long time they then hear raditz announce just before he dies that the other saiyans are on they're way to earth in search of the dragonballs so the others must prepare for their arrival while up in the world of the kias goku learns of the ancient and great king kia so he then gos forth on a journey to train with him meanwile the saiyans head to earth after a year of non-stop training the saiyans finally arrive the warriors finally come to stop their rampage though futil many a life is lost in this battle goku finally arrives and and unlocks his new power by making short work of nappa(though hes killed by his own teamate vegeta)goku then battles vegeta hwo uses his power to turn into an oozaru(wich is a king kong sized gorilla with super powers)yajirobe joins in the fight and cuts off vegetas tail and turns him back to normal after wards goku blast him with his new techniquee th spirit bomb or genki dama hes then weakened and krillin goes forth to finish him but goku pleads him not to do so since he and goku are the last of the sayains so he does so and vegeta laughs at them all and leaves they then hope to wish the others back with the dragonballs but realize they can't since piccolos dead they then hear of dragonballs on a planet called namek so then krillin gohan and bulma head into space in search of the wish granting orbs so ends the sayain saga
come back tommorow for info on the
namek saga
DRAGONBALL Z is a in wich i've watched so many times i could re-enact it like i'm doing now
by podoo March 14, 2006
Liquor pong is game not suggested by most. Cups filled with shots of hard liquor instead of beer in the classic game of beer pong. Complete annihilation is possible within a few games.
Wanna play liquor pong Amanda? I don't think so Paul, one game and I'm completely wasted.
by Podoo December 14, 2013

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