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thrusting in and out while performing doggystyle.
yo, that girl had me crazy off the backshots lastnight
by pockets April 29, 2003
A sex-crazed character from the television program "Family Guy", first name Glen, enjoys sex, feet, and HIC-A-DOO-LA. Known for saying ALLLL-RIIGHT when horny or aroused in any way, shape or form
Yea, it looks something like that...(pointing at an nuclear warhead protruding down into his bedroom while attempting to seduce a woman)
by Pockets December 17, 2003
shwag, or cheap weed that is low in potentcy.
man this ain't the chronic, it's dat old hocus pocus bullshit.
by pockets June 21, 2003
verb used to describe the act of stealing something maliciously. can also be used to describe somebody who regular divulges in skanking.
" Oi lisa you just skanked my last jammy dodger!- you skank!"
by pockets March 02, 2005

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