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emo is short for emocore short for emotive hardcore a genre of music that started in the mid 80s it was started by punk bands who added more emotion into there music it started around the Washington D.C. area. it has been associate with crying for the fact that it makes you think and lets you express your self and let out emotions. there are many emo bands out there ranging from much screaming to little or non at all from i am ghost to fall out boy. also in the subculture metal nu rock or nu metal band have also become popular such as slipknot and linkin park also there r small secs of emo such as screamo

since then it has taken on a role as a way of lie a hair style and a fashion though what you wear does not make you emo the preferred cloths are tight band T shirt black skinny jeans black hoodies also fingerless gloves and spiked wrist bands can also be add but remember that doesn't mean you are or aren't emo. also the preferred hair style for boys is bangs over front spiked in the back normally a little pass the ears for girls highly teased and layered. make up for girls and boys are eyeliner and black nail polish. it has also been associate with cutting this again is stereotypical while some do cut not all do and just because you do doesn't mean your emo also no not all emo boys are gay. they have been made fun of because of their differences but there actually is nothing wrong with being emo.
have you heard about that new emo band???
i heard emo is really catching up.
by pocke_ emo October 08, 2009
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