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1 definition by pnus_pump

A group of high-school and college dropouts desperately looking for a way to make a living before their parents realize that that are going nowhere in life and cut off their money supply.

While they like to think that they are doing something constructive by selling shitty iron on t-shirts, all they really do is play ultimate frisbee while pretending that they are on a competitive playing level as the UPA, when in reality their level of organization and inner conflict would result in them having a tough time beating an elementary school class at recess.

While the amount of fail this group produces is comically bad, don't waste your time laughing at them because they are so dumb they may think that you are laughing because they are doing something good. Instead, spend your time feeling bad for them because they are in for a serious reality check when they realize that their shitty clothing company falls through and they are stuck working at the YMCA for the rest of their lives.
- Hey those kids from 3rd floor inc are having an ultimate frisbee tournament today wanna go?

- Uhh don't those two brothers kiss each other with tongue before bed every night?

- Yeah, your right, we probably shouldn't go.
by pnus_pump August 15, 2010