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The hottest male character on FOX's show Glee.
Played by Mark Salling.
Full name: Noah Puckerman.

With his signature mohawk, chiseled jaw, and intensely penetrating stare, you can't help but love this football player / school bully / Glee club member who constantly wavers between sweetness and douchebaggery.

Plays a Jewish character on the show, along with Rachel Berry.

Adept at spitting serious game with females, including but not limited to cougars, Quinn, Rachel and Santana.
Girl: Did you see that Glee episode when Puck was shirtless in the locker room?

Other Girl: Yes, I had to watch it twice! He's so hot!
by pnayxkay January 05, 2010
In addition to other definitions, this group of Twilight partisans is also attracted to romantic relationships that begin with close friendships and turn into something more.

In contrast with the intense and potentially dangerous passion that has found favor with Team Edward, Team Jacob is comfortable with the idea of "being with the one who's best for you," rather than "being with the one you can't live without."

This way of thinking stems from Jacob's uplifting friendship and devotion to a depressed Bella in her greatest time of need during the second installment, New Moon.

For these reasons, Team Jacob tends to value qualities like friendship, loyalty, stability, honesty, and a sense of humor.
Team Jacob 1: Can you believe Bella rejected Jacob as soon as Edward came back at the end of New Moon? It's as if everything Jacob's done for her meant nothing.

Team Jacob 2: I can't understand it either. She obviously prefers a suicidal and paternalistic boyfriend over an easy-going and devoted one.

Team Jacob 1: I agree. Jacob makes her laugh, he doesn't underestimate her like Edward does, and their families get along so well. Plus, he's incredibly cut. Team Jacob all the way!
by pnayxkay January 05, 2010

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