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3 definitions by plresultsman

Affectionate term for Amish home boys, locals, kids in the "Amish 'hood".
Yo! We took the back roads to Shipshewana, Indiana for the auction, and checked out all the Ameos hangin' out on the farm.

Dude, make way for the Ameos, they have to get home to milk the cows!
by plresultsman October 11, 2011
7 0
Duration of time between meeting freaks.
I thought this company was great, but the freakquency went off the charts when I met more of the old timers in the sales department.

I loved my time downtown for dinner, but about midnight the freakquency went parabolic when all the drunk and loud alternative lifestyle bar hounds showed up.
by plresultsman October 11, 2011
8 2
Something that has gone from small to extremely large, off-the-charts, huge, mammoth in short order. An incredibly fast and large increase -- ie exponential.
1. He ability to annoy has gone parabolic since he quit smoking. I can't stand to hear anymore about how cigs are bad for you from him!

2. The rate of complaining here has gone parabolic since the company eliminated this year's bonuses.
by plresultsman October 12, 2011
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