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Gingras is a Last name. It originates from the french speaking areas of Canada, eg. Quebec. If you trace back even further, you will find roots of the name in Italy and France. Some researches show relations to John the baptist, although there is no hard evidence of this.

In History, there were three men given the last name of Gingras. Two of the three men never had children, meaning that everyone who inheritits the last name of Gingras is related to other people with the surname in some way.

Famous people with this name include Patrick Gingras the famous ice hockey player, as welll as Joe Gingras.

The people who have the surname of Gingras are often described as funny, good looking, kind, and are also known to be passionate.
"Wow, look at that guy, he must be a Gingras, there is no other way he could be that awesome!"
by ploblyproductions August 12, 2012

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