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1 definition by pllfan#1

Gurnoor is the name of a beautiful girl. It is an Indian name that means the light of god, because she usually in lightens people's lives. She is outgoing, hilarious, and one of the most clumsiest people u will ever meet. She is very caring and wants the best for everyone, even thought she is not good at showing it. She falls inlove with people who care about her as much as she cares for them, and bad boys. Her heart is easily breakable and very fragile. She will want the best for u even if it results in misery for her. Gurnoors are good at handling various situations and can easily solve problems. They are athletic and smart. But hav a very low self esteem. She isn't one to judge, and will treat u like u treat her; if u treat her with respect, she will be nice to u, if u treat her with hatred, she will easily deal with u by revenge. She is very protective of the ones she loves, if u hurt something/someone close to her heart, she will make sure u feel the pain u made her feel. She is very gullible and will believe everything u tell her. Gurnoors are special, if u have one in your life; hold her close to your heart and never let go.
John: Hey, you wont believe wat Gurnoor did! She's such a clutz!!
Lexie: She just wanted the best for you
John: I know, but she has a funny way of showing it
Lexie: just give her a chance
John: I know, she lights up my world

Emily: Omg u won't believe wat I did to Gurnoor
Kelsey: it better not be something mean, because no one is better at revenge than Gurnoor
Emily: I'm screwed then.
by pllfan#1 June 29, 2012
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