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An African-American (mainly from the 1970s) that adorned an unusually large afro.
Tyrone: Wow Leroy, if you graduated in '72, your yearbook probably looked like a collection of microphones.
Leroy: Graduate? Who you talkin' to nigga?
by pleco November 30, 2005
When somebody is shopping in a retail store, and a person (usually a curious or misbehaved child) presses a sound sample button with the intention of annoying /embarrassing nearby shoppers with the sound.
Wife: Did you get anything at Walmart?

Husband: No. Some jerk kid standing next to me hit a sound button, so I had to get out of there before the retail embarassment set in.
by Pleco December 23, 2014
When one feels the urge to fart, but isn't sure whether or not defecation will occur.
Rolling the dice is always a gamble, sometimes you're okay, sometimes you crap out.
by pleco December 01, 2005

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