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The best feeling in the world. Love is when you are always thinking about that special someone and he/she makes you feel like your walking on air when your with them and when your in their arms everything that has ever been wrong with your life or any pain you have been in completely goes away. The scariest thing you will ever say to someone but after you do and if your lucky enough to hear it back you will be the happiest person on earth and feel unconventionally loved forever.
Amber: I love you baby, when I'm with you it feels like the world is moving so fast and we are still going slow living in the moment.

Paul: Awww babe, I love you too. Your always on my mind and when we are together all I wanna do is hold you close. You make me feel like the luckiest person in the world to have a gf like you.
by playgirl96luvs2givebjs February 08, 2010
What every guy on the planet wants and thinks about ALL the time no matter how innocent or sweet u think he is its on his mind he is also thinkin bout boobs and or megan fox. What girls want sometimes just as much or more than guys but nobody knows but them.
Amber wants to have sex with Paul because he is the sweetist, most awesome bf in the world but he doesnt have her favorite flavored condom (tropical or strawberry) so it wont happen tonight.
by playgirl96luvs2givebjs February 08, 2010

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