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1. a deadly biohazard that killes by destroying the lungs
2. a favorite toy of the Taliban
3. what hitmen use to get their money
4. in postal 2 what you put in a decapitated cow head
1. He was killed by anthrax
2. The taliban is at its anthrax-bombing again!
3. She was evidently killed by anthrax. Must have been a hitman.
4. Put in the anthrax and kick it off for a nice surprise!
by PlayDohMan May 04, 2004
1. a phrase used by schools to say that if you're tardy too many times then your parents will be invited
2. a parental sex orgy
1. remember kids, tardy tardy parent party
2. so the party party's scheduled for thursday?
by PlayDohMan June 08, 2006
when you eat a lot of sugar and jump around everywhere yelling four square and raawk and telling your teachers to shut up
shut up! FFOOUURR Squaaaare!
by PlayDohMan May 13, 2004
1. a strong tranquilizer usually used to sedate bears and horses
2. a drug some people take to relieve depression and make some people look prettier
1. Old McDonald had to shoot his horse with a dose of large mammal tranquilizer to operate on it
2. Large Mammal Tranquilizer will calm you down (and probably kill you)
by PlayDohMan May 10, 2004
A weapon that launches bazookas
The bazooka launcher hit that man on the head and knocked him out.
by PlayDohMan May 07, 2004
the battle between the chicken sandwhiches between tender crip and spicy hot tender crisp has more experience but spicy hot is gettin trained by the indo-chino mexicans
just another publicity gimmick
by PlayDohMan October 25, 2004
one who has sex with everything
That omniphiliac raped the tree!
by PlayDohMan May 10, 2004
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