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1. when a group of criminal makes money out of illegal arms sales, smuggling, organized crime, drug trafficking, prostitution rings, embezzlement, insider trading, bribery and computer fraud schemes hide how they make their money by disguising the sources, changing the form, or moving the funds to a place where they are less likely to attract attention.
2. when you wash your pants and there is still money inside them
Money laundering is done on a world scale
by PlayDohMan May 10, 2004
when two hobos partake in combat usually armed with nothing or maybe a broken beer bottle or pipe
bum fights usually happen under bridges
by PlayDohMan May 10, 2004
a dolphin that is also a lawyer
kyle's dad from south park was a lawfin
by PlayDohMan March 11, 2005
1. when smack someone in the face with a glove
2. you do this when you challenge someone to a duel
nazi glove slap are done by back handing someone with a glove
by PlayDohMan May 13, 2004
possibly the one of the best shows on adult swim. athf kicks ass and is hella cool. long live frylock master shake and meatwad
hella cool
by PlayDohMan July 03, 2004
people who roam the hallways and stop in the middle to talk to their dumbass friends then when you pass nearby they say "ooooooooohhhhhhh dat nigga touch my bonkis"
i hate those damn niggerpotamus
by PlayDohMan March 02, 2005
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