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4 definitions by platypus wrangler

A pokemon that is just a half dosen of pink eggs. Its a wonder that they don't rot after the many hours of battling.
Matt:I choose you exeggcute!

Tyler:I use rock throw and you splatter all over the place! GAME OVER!!!


Tyler:I just did.

Matt:awww :(
by platypus wrangler December 29, 2009
17 6
The most muscular pokemon ever! People often this it's homosecual because it wears a speedo. It and pikachu are tied for "the gayest pokemon award".
Matt: You know how I know your gay?
Tyler: How?
Matt: Machamp is your favorite pokemon!
by platypus wrangler December 29, 2009
27 16
A pink pokemon whoms sexuality is often in question
Matt:is that thing a boy or a girl?
Tyler:Man that thing is a cleffa
by platypus wrangler December 29, 2009
2 1
1. A milkshake in a cup that you churn in a machine.
2. a slang word meaning for real.
Matt:f'real you got a f'real?
Tyler:f'real man i love f'reals!
by Platypus Wrangler September 21, 2010
1 1