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An internet site that sells Gold and Silver, the virtual currencies of World of Warcraft, for US Dollars, the real currency of the United States of America. Also known as a huge ripoff, also known as a boon for spoiled WoW noobs who want to buy armor that that's recommended for players twice their level.

However, if you're an avid World of Warcraft player that's near or at the level cap, you can sell gold to IGE for real money, and potentially offset the $14 a month you pay for the game itself. Get rich quick.

IGE also trades in the currencies from other games, although nobody plays Everquest or FFO anyways, so it's not really notable.
"Wow, I'm pulling in $50 a month selling my gold to IGE"
by placebo February 01, 2005
One of the stages of the main building of the Undead race in Warcraft.
Dammit, I can't build any grunt units right now, since my Necropolis is upgrading!
by placebo February 11, 2005
A clever phrase to describe the jackpot of hallucinogenic drugs. Compare with a trip.
"I was in my room, but everything was geometric, and the walls... the walls flowed furiously. That's what my time in the casino zone was like."
by placebo September 22, 2005
A friendly way of saying "I don't want to talk to you anymore".
Me: "Hey, wanna do something Friday night?"

Her: "Oops, looks like I've got a call on the other line!"
by placebo February 03, 2005
A rather popular webcomic drawn in the manga style, very original and stylized, but a bit reliant on physical humor / Piro's awkwardness. Treats leetspeak like it's some really exotic invention that nobody's heard of.
"Christ, not another Megatokyo!"
by placebo February 03, 2005
A veritable orgy, with none of the next-day guilt and unexplained pregnancies.
"The more the merrier, that's the way it is with LANs."
by placebo February 11, 2005
One of the cooler kids on the internet, ie, me. Plays Unreal Tournament 2004 and designs websites; posts a lot on the AtariCommunity UT forums, Appleinsider forums, and Inside Mac Games forums.

No, I'm not really this egocentric.
"OMFG, did u see placebo's topic?"
by placebo February 11, 2005
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