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23 definitions by placebo

1. English interpretation of the Korean word for "chili pepper"

2. Also sounds like the word for "penis" in Korean
1. That gochu-gkaru (powdered dry chili pepper)is very spicy!

2. Don't try to stick your gochu where it doesn't belong!
by placebo September 01, 2004
65 22
One of the gems of the internet.
"Goat.cx's fine perfection and tender self-reflection lends flavor to its intellectual nature."
by placebo February 03, 2005
43 12
The most versatile, elegant, and powerful offering currently on the market. Mac OS X possesses a solid UNIX core for server work and tweaking, and yet also has a beautifully thought out and designed interface called Aqua. The current version as of this posting is 10.3, and 10.4 will be coming out soon. 10.4 will feature metadata searching and Coreimage GPU-based real-time image processing
"Wow, Mac OS X r0x0rs"
by placebo January 31, 2005
792 770
Female speed bump, if you will.
The mons veneris is quite the nice place to rest one's head upon.
by placebo September 27, 2005
23 8
Worst Unreal Tournament ever. Completely butchered the feel of the game, upset the weapon balance, and included a paltry number of maps and a bunch of useless gametypes. Unreal Tournament 2004 fixed all the wrongs done in UT2k3, but unfortunately wasn't able to woo back all the players alienated by UT2k3.

Basically, UT2k3 showed off Unreal Engine 2's new graphics, while UT2k4 used those graphics to illustrate a game worthy of the Unreal Tournament series.
"Unreal Tournament 2003 was a shameful techdemo."
by placebo February 11, 2005
20 8
Pick one, because both reflect Half-Life 2:
The most (linear)(scripted)(amazing) game ever.
"Wait... who STACKED all these boards here so perfectly so I could pass through?"
by placebo February 17, 2005
39 30
One of those fags that thinks that smoking weed suddenly makes them cool, hip, and appealing.
See those kids staring at a wall laughing their asses off - must be weedfags.
by placebo June 11, 2006
27 24