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To have kinky sex. Sex using a lot of spanking. Domination.
Moesha could hardly walk after I gave her a spankfest last night.
by pkjones_homie April 09, 2003
A fart. A smelly nasty smell caused by gastrointestinal ejection of gas.
Did you drop that airbiscuit or did you shit your pants?
by pkjones_homie April 17, 2003
See whore. A woman who will put out every time. A lame fuck in bed. An easy biatch.
Shirley was a low down cumcatcher. She fucked the entire fraternity.
by pkjones_homie April 09, 2003
A weiner.
Dennis had a small shwatz.
by pkjones_homie April 09, 2003
Formed from crystal meth and snack. To get loaded on crystal meth.
Lawanda, pass that crisnack around a little..don't smoke it all biznatch!
by pkjones_homie April 09, 2003
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