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the origin of american football. no pads, no stopping for time outs. limited substitutions and no pads
Real men play rugby
by Pk April 20, 2003
Alternate spelling of Jew- Derived from Cartman on "South Park"
"Someone here is a J-O-O!"

Kyle is a Joo.
by pk November 09, 2004
Opposite of progressive. One who is opposed to women's rights, minority rights, universal civil rights, religious freedom, freedom of dissent, universal equality, and cares little to nothing for his fellow man.

In favor of widening the economic divide and eventual elimination of the middle class. In sum, one who believes society ought undo all progress made since 1920 and go back to the 19th century.

Currently in control of the federal government.
Much as Wal-Mart "rolls back" prices, regressives "roll back" freedoms.
by PK November 12, 2004
One with an urge to flood things. Opposite of a Pyromaniac.
The disgruntled janitor flooded the school Gym, just cuz he's a hydromaniac.
by PK February 09, 2004
I'd do her

something you'd say about a girl you find appealing enough to screw.
That Elisha Cuthbert is so IDH.
by pk February 17, 2004
A guy who jumps out of an airplane with a bomb straped to him.
The bombernaut leapted to his death, taking thousands with him.
by PK March 10, 2004
Neither definition is correct. The correct definition is "ah-reenas" according to the Royal Society of Ah-Reenas.
Benzene is an Ah-reena.
by pk December 06, 2003
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