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3 definitions by pittzkraco

The act of having two 500 pound bombs blow you up.
That guy got al-Zarqawid by an F-16.
by pittzkraco June 08, 2006
10 6
The true form of Democracy that the United States and many other countries are living under. A form of government where people elect other people who they believe represent their ideals and will make laws that will reflect the will of the people. Often just called Democracy wrongly where in a democracy all the people in a country would vote on all laws which is very rare.
The United States is a Representative Democracy.
by pittzkraco June 08, 2006
9 24
According to Hillary Clinton, these are the people who supposedly "made up" The fact that Bill Clinton was having many extramarital affairs and lying about it under oath.

"That is not going to be proven true," Clinton said. She said she was fighting the charges "not only because I love and believe my husband" but for the sake of the nation.
I liked the part where the vast right-wing conspiracy broke into Monica's closet and stained her blue dress with Bill Clinton's Semen! Damn their good!
by pittzkraco June 08, 2006
12 171