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2 definitions by pistons32

Driving while texting. Similar to driving while intoxicated(D.W.I) Illegal in most states and can lead to violent and deadly crashes......or just a fender bender.
Cop:"Do you know why i pulled you over?"
Boy:"Theres weed in my car?"
Cop:"No you dumb fuck, I pulled you over for D.W.T."
by pistons32 February 25, 2009
When a guy is having unprotected sex with a girl and just as he is about to pull out, she wraps her legs around his body. As a result, the guy cums in the girl's vagina and may result in pregnancy.
Dude1: "Dude this damn chick pulled the parent trap on me."
Dude2: "Holy Shit! U better get a job to support that child."
by pistons32 May 11, 2009