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1 definition by pisssss(:

Dawesome means being far too awesome to just be called awesome, there is no other word for it. It originated from the words of Markass, 'The Scottish Guy'. Other words that are related to Dawesome are 'dood' & 'damazing'. There are only 2 people in the universe that are dawesome, the creators of this word, so if you're reading this you're most probably not one of them. Who ever claims to have made this word up on the 16th of February 2009 are liars, or time travalers. Oh and ofcourse only moon-sunner's can use this dawesome word so don't start using it.
Ass: You are so friggin' dawesome I wish I was you and what not.
Piss: Indeedio or something or other. :A
Ass: Why can't I be you? :T
Piss: 'Cause you're Scottish! :R
by pisssss(: May 17, 2010