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The bony,puffy prominence above a womans pus that bulges out in a nice mound like shape. The bulger may also include the entire area of a womans unit,ie: pubichair tufts,large lips,and Cameltoe. They can all factor into the creation of the Bulger.
Hey dude, look at the chic in the green bikinis bulger.
by pis2114 May 27, 2006
The geasy spulge left in your ass after shitting, if not wiped properly. It can sometimes occur even after a thorough wiping because occasionally your rectum may seep. Warm and humid weather may also intensify this harsh reality.
After taking a growler, I realized i had a bad case of monkey butt on the par three 5th. There was no outhouse around!
by pis2114 May 27, 2006
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