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A communal gathering place of all of manchesters scally population. On occasions a group of thugs will threaten to "split your wig" or may even through a half chewed strawberry cone in your direction and then run of down the road shouting ice cream coat at you in a shrill voice, followed by im gonna get my brother to spark you out.
"betta watch it laddy or im gonna split your wig"

"look hes wearing the ice cream coat"

Leonard in retaliation "what you got a badger down you ur pants?"
by Pirate April 02, 2004
1) Girls tell you your a sweet guy (or nice guy) when you've just been rejected.
2) Girls call someone sweet even though to any man of average intelligance the person they r calling sweet is not sweet nor smart and is in fact a total arse.
3) You're gay and have just been called sweet
4) Girls call dim/stupid people sweet for some reason, I only wish I was dense as two short planks.
5) If girls dont say it to the guy but to his mates the they quite obviously fancy him.
6) Only girls eva say this.
"awww he's so sweet" = jerk/dumbass

"awww how sweet"

"awww aint that sweet"
by Pirate August 12, 2004
What Ben Midgly always did after some scalls sparked him in the eyepiece with a pool cue. He was neva gna b caught shallow again.
Ahmed - "look theres ben"
Gary - "yeh he's rolling deep"
by Pirate August 22, 2004
Lad, lad, lad sometimes thats all we hear in the rooms of MSN and the streets of parrswood. Nut why this word, where did it originate and who made it famous? The answer to that question is a twat named Richard Keane. He originated in sylvias womb and escaped to wreak havoc on the world in which we live.

He uses lad as a derogatory term aimed at his friends and enemies, the latter of which there are many.

Phrases such as "watch it lad" , you silly lad" and "laddete" are common place wherever this creature roams.
I'm gna kick your ass lad.
Laddete, ladonica, laddine, laddigon the list just goes on.
by Pirate April 06, 2005
A robotic fabian that will one day destroy us all unless the Squeaner Patrol crushes it!!!
Oh my god! its fabionics everybody run before it calls its creator Mgarnagall
by Pirate November 07, 2004
musical interest of chad, and chad alone....
"you should listen to garage" -chad
by pirate August 19, 2004
Short for "all your base are belong to us.
1. To own someone or something.
When playing capture the flag:

Winner: Hahahaha! all your flag are belong to us!

Loser: you people really suck.
by Pirate December 07, 2003

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