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The act of consuming apple jacks cereal.
Robby walked in on me jacking off last night and asked if he could join in.
by Pirate Suite January 20, 2008
A rare but highly sought after 14 inch dildo resemling the .44 magnum used by clint eastwood in the film "Dirty Harry". Perhaps its most appealing attributes are its ribbed handle. smooth muzzle and durable swing-out cylinder. The Dirty Harry has been known to instantly induce orgasms measureable on the richter scale.
Pimp: "Yo Bitch! I see you wit' dat Dirty Harry one more 'gain n' ima' snack pack you!"

Ho: "Oh go suck a fatty Tyrese!"

Pimp: "Das it bitch, you in fo a soggy muffin!"
by Pirate Suite October 05, 2006
Occurs when someone's pubic hair is intentionally trimmed, usually while this person sleeps, and applied to their face using semen as a bonding agent.
Joe: "Hey robby, Did you hear about anthony?"

Robby: "No, what happened"

Joe: "Oh, Adam gave him the inverse abe lincoln while he was passed out."

Robby: "Eww, Gross!"
by Pirate Suite October 09, 2006
The aftermath of slipping one's finger into the depths of disease infested vagina, resulting in a mucus-like coating coupled with a putrid odor on the surface of the finger.
Anthony: "Dude that girl you hooked up with looked like a real skank!"

Eddie: "Yea I know, I've had this cheesy finger ever since."
by Pirate Suite October 04, 2006
A technique used to effectively cleanse the anus after a particularly clinging poop. Usually involves wetting toilet paper or using baby wipes.
Oh man that was a rough shit! I totally had to power wipe.
by Pirate Suite April 23, 2007
The act of swabbing one's penis in snack pack pudding container, and than proceeding to enjoy vaginal sex. Sadly this can result in a deadly yeast infection A.K.A. a "soggy muffin".
"Yo bro, last night I gave some girl the snack pack, and she got a soggy muffin."
by Pirate Suite October 03, 2006
One who finds a sick pleasure in disposing of his or her own fecal matter in or on property not belonging to themsleves, with the intent of inflicting severe emotional discomfort and stress.
Jake: (squinting)"Dude, I know your the phantom and that shit is foul!"

Joe: "I have no clue what your talking about".

Robby: "OH, GROW UP JAKE"!

Joe: "Yea Jake, Go suck a fatty"!
by Pirate Suite October 25, 2006
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