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(n.) a person who plays piano, sings, MCs, quips, and performs a wide range of song requests during a dueling pianos show.
OMG I can't explain it but the dueling piano player just gave me an enormous pianorgasm.

After 2 shots of Jagermeister the dueling piano player did naked cart wheels on stage.

I'm going to bet the dueling piano player $100 he can't play "Bohemian Rhapsody".

The dueling piano player just made everyone laugh by ad-libbing funny lyrics into my song request. LOL

I tipped the dueling piano player to embarrass my friend on stage 'cause it's her birthday.

After a few drinks the aging dueling piano player looked sexy.

Awesome! The dueling piano player is doing that 80's song I requested.

I hired a new dueling piano player to fill in the Saturday night dueling pianos slot.
by pippin73 September 10, 2012
(n.) a person to whom money is tipped, or is to be tipped, as gratuity, after providing a service.
The tipee had a lot of bills to deposit after a good night at work.

The tipee made $250 in gratuity.

The tipee took her tips from the bowl on the night table.

After receiving her money the tepee proceeded to her crystal ball.

The tepee in this case was a dueling piano player.
by pippin73 September 03, 2012

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