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A girl who does the following suffers from Dumb Bitch Syndrome or DBS:

1. Acts without thinking and then later rationalizes her behavior based completely on her emotions.

2. Thinks it's ok to act bitchy or psycho just because she's on her period.

3. Uses sex as a form of currency.

4. Says one thing to your face; then another to everyone else (aka. is "fake," "twatty," or "talks shit.")

5. Does something she says she likes just so she can complain about it later.

6. Spreads your embarrassing sexual info to all her friends.

7. Makes a boyfriend or friend buy her gifts only to her her complain about the gift you give her not being good enough later.

Men can also suffer from DBS. These men are called "super puss-cakes."
Dude, I really want to date Taylor, but she has a serious case of "Dumb Bitch Syndrome."

What'd you mean, man?

She told all her friends about her ex's weird ass fetish. I don't want something like that to happen to me. Fuck that.
by pinlitt May 14, 2011

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