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to wank,
to tame the one eyed monster,
to make the cyclops cry,
man's favourite outlet,
a date with mrs palm and her five
lovely daugters,
toss yourself off,
etc etc
"now on the subject of onanism...we dont want to find you hunched double on the sofa bed pumping your fist" (league of gentlemen)
by pinkpill December 01, 2004
Noun: the fear of thinking.

Phronemophobe: someone that is afraid to think.
cannot be given as thought would need to be used in order to come up with it and that idea is just too scary!
by pinkpill December 01, 2004
someone, usually female, that has slept, and will sleep, with anyone around.
god, that girl's like gravy, she goes with anything!!
by pinkpill December 01, 2004
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