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Very sexually attractive and desirable, yet troubling for reasons hard to explain.
He's so dishy, but he's probably married, or on parole.
#hot #fine #cool #yummy #tasty
by pinkoursula August 28, 2009
horticulture, as practiced by poorly trained groundskeepers, which causes the mutilation and eventual death of landscape plants
The brown, leafless shrubs, pruned into stick balls, were innocent victims of morticulture.
#horticulture #gardening #groundskeeping #arboriculture #farming
by pinkoursula January 20, 2010
The great nebulous electronic cloud into which your blogs, tweets and texts are flung with the hope of having them read by another human being.
I posted something to my blog, but it ended up lost in the ezone.
#cyberspace #internet #net #web #cloud
by pinkoursula September 06, 2009
Person who attends public meetings (town halls, city council meetings, etc.) not to contribute in any serious way, but to disrupt, bedevil and be seen as a player on video posted to the internet.
What a waste of time! The meeting was packed with hallrats.
#mediawhore #astroturfer #drone #activist #citizen
by pinkoursula September 04, 2009
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