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a person who moves with the sun while sunbathing either by moving to a different location following the sun or by physically moving their chair to follow the sun

a person who follows the sun to get every last second of it on a nice day
You are such a sun hopper when you have to move your chair to follow the sun...
by pinkgirl68 July 01, 2009
when responding quickly in texting, the texter might respond "K" instead of typing out ok or okay... but will accidentally hit the "J" key instead of "K"...
"j is the new k" is like when referring to fashion and trends... "pink is the new red" "grey is the new black" or when someone gets a new boyfriend, "dave is the new john"
by pinkgirl68 February 22, 2010
An engagement ring that comes off during a fight and is thrown at the giver but eventually returns to the thrower's finger
they fight so much and she throws that ring at him so many times then they get back together... it's like a boom-a-ring...
by pinkgirl68 May 14, 2009

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