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How typical... jealous Radnor kids with a lot of angst and time fabricating stories because they have nothing better to do. Let's set things straight then, shall we?

Conestoga is a high school of about two thousand kids in the suburbs of Philadelphia. The school is renowned for its multitude of AP courses (the most in Pennsylvania, somewhere around twenty-four) and consistently high rankings in sports and academics. Despite the lofty standards and intense expectations by overbearing parents, the students are (for the most part) kind, intelligent souls with a rabid sense of humor, which is more than can be said for the other schools in the Main Line. Granted, the school has a drug problem, but that only serves to make us more interesting, doesn't it? Just accept us.
"Conestoga is ranked 79th best high school by US News and World Digest. Strangely enough, Radnor High School is nowhere to be found on said list. Coincidence? Not really."
by pinkegobox August 02, 2008
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