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Love is not an emotion but a chemical in your brain. The chemical is in pretty much all beings. It is the mating chemical. Love is only a sex drive. When you see someone and it's "love at first sight" its really your brain saying "i want to mate with this person". just like dogs, spiders, zebras, etc. The only purpose we have in his world is to reproduce. Love is not real.

That's what my english teacher says.
But i disagree :/
<girl> i love you, josh
<josh> uhh...you want to mate with me?

<girl> no i love you..
<josh> sorry i dont want to mate with you. my sex drive chemical isnt telling me to reproduce with you.

<girl> NO!! I LOVE YOU!!
<josh> sorry..no sex drive here..

<josh> yeah...it is.. *walks away*
by pinkee-3 February 18, 2009

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