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Some how I just put up with it.
I want to loath it.
But I can't.

Define Love: a work, it has no meaning, cheathers use it, lonely girls wish for it, parents pretent to have it "for the kids", thinks think they have it. But it's nothing, a word of emptyness.

I though you ment it. Those 3 stuipd little words, they made my stuipd day. I meant it, I meant those words. But I guess you ment them to the next girl too.

Love only last so long...

Whats the difference between the feeling of love & and the feeling of hate? I don't know, you tell me.

I hate the way he looks at her in all the ways he doesn't look at me.

Your heart breaks, he says he is sorry but you know he deosn't mean it. Just like he didn't mean it when he said he loved you.
I hate Love, it's pointless, stupid and not trrue. It's probually just lust anyways.
by pinkchik456 April 24, 2006

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