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when a man tucks his penis between his legs to resemble a vagina.
the killer in silence of the lambs made himself a little p-she. hmmm...imagine that...
by pinkandred February 03, 2006
The enivitable state of constipation resulting from taking too many vicodin (or other codiene derivative) and alcohol.
(On a Sunday morning) Gosh, I have the party booty! If it doesn't go away soon I'll have to exlax.
by pinkandred February 04, 2006
To quickly hit the button which mutes the ring and/or vibration on your cell. Used when your phone goes off when it should not. Also, a term used when a person you do not wish to speak to calls and you quickly make the phone stop ringing.
That loser called me last night again, I will mute him until he gets the hint.
by pinkandred February 04, 2006
a whole mess of 'um. the most you can imagine without reaching infinity.
that loser called me a krillion times but i muted his ass.
or "i have a krillion shoes but going to dillards to see what they have"
by pinkandred February 03, 2006
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