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It is the proper term that describes young asian males who are afflicted with small penis confidence that have taken to tattooing portraits of Miss Piggy, from the famed show "The Muppets", on to their botox injected nut sacks. Nut sack puppet shows are notorious and usually play to packed houses in both Bangkok and Phuket.

Famous nut sack puppet shows include "Miss Piggy in Space" and the award winning "Miss Piggy Overcomes from Wongaphobia."
After years of telepathically trying to teach myself to make my man nipples lactate, the tiny piggy show changed my life. I now have both Miss Piggy and Kermit on my nut sack...I can make them dance if you pay me in advance.
by pinkamigo April 09, 2008
The extreme version of the popular sport, Eugene Kanning. A Canadian past time originating from the deep woodlands of Eugene, British Columbia. The home of hobbits, elves and the occasional mogwai.

Akin to Arena Football, this athletic activity consists of a bag of rice, one goat, the tears of Britney Spears, and a lonely obese British girl with questionable taste in men. The game is played over a period of five hours and the winner gains the affection and hand of a fair maiden that has ripened with age. Leading to a life of scattered happiness, broken dreams and premature balding on the chest and left thigh. The latter causing the end of a bright future in Bollywood. This game should only be played thirty minutes after eating and never on an empty stomach. Instagramming every other second is a necessity. Memes are recommended. Never run with scissors at the pool.

76% of all Asian males that have gone Extreme Eugene Kanning have developed a rare case of Huxtabate Syndrome.
As an impressionable youth in the heyday of the American depression, I was a dedicated fan of Extreme Eugene Kanning. The Canadian sport taught me the ins and outs of puberty, bench presses and how to win at Jenga. I later learned that the matches were faked and Hulk Hogan used steroids. It hurt my soul, but I still watch Extreme Eugene Kanning matches on ESPN every Spring. It reminds me of the day I learned how to use chopsticks and proposed to my wife.
by pinkamigo November 24, 2014

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