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an extremely retarded and ghetto school located in fairfax, virginia where thay have only one kind of teacher: lame, fat, menopausal, and femenist. it's extremely small with an incredibly boring carpool system in the gym, where the butch p.e teacher lives. mrs. kelley, the satanic teacher eats up little kindergartners whith her best buddy, mr. peanut and mrs vincent, who yells at people for no reason besides when she 'forgot' to eat breakfast. all of the priests there think french kissing is a sin and they sound like kermit the frog. they find the 5th grade boys attractive. the principle (sr maureen and mrs gilbrid-pregnant-)is a bit*h. graduation was nice.
gameshow host: ok boys and girls, i want you to think of as many synonyms as you can for 'hell'
contestant: st. bernadettes, st b's, mr peanut, heck, doctor's office, hell, &...mrs darden's house!!!
host: well i think we hav a winner!
by pink popcorn February 16, 2005
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